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De doc duoc tieng Viet

Cac trang web nay da duoc chay thu tot tren cac chuong trinh duyet web pho bien nhu FireFox, Internet Explorer, Opera, va Netscape, va tren cac may hai he dieu hanh pho bien la Windows va Linux. Tieng Viet chung toi su dung la Unicode [encoding UTF-8]. Cac may tinh chay he dieu hanh cu (Windows 98 ve truoc, Red Hat 7 ve truoc, v.v.) co the gap kho khan khi doc tieng Viet (bang ma Unicode UTF-8).

  1. Neu quy vi chua doc duoc tieng Viet tai day, truoc het xin vao menu de chon encoding la UTF-8. Doi voi Internet Explorer la menu /View/Encoding; doi voi FireFox la menu /View/Character_Encoding.
  2. Neu quy vi van chua doc duoc tieng Viet, dieu do co nghia la can chinh font. Truoc het quy vi chon bo font de hien thi la “Times New Roman”. Trong Internet Explorer, font o menu /Tools/Options; trong FireFox la menu /Edit/Preferences hoac Tools/Options.
  3. Noi chung den day quy vi da co the doc duoc tieng Viet roi.
  4. Neu quy vi van chua doc duoc tieng Viet, thi co nghia la font “Times New Roman” cua quy vi khong ho tro Unicode. Dieu nay chi xay ra voi Windows 98 tro ve truoc. Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP deu da ho tro Unicode. Xin quy vi download chuong trinh unicode.exe de cai bo font unicode.

Chuc quy vi hoc Phap thanh cong!

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To read Vietnamese Text

The pages on this site have passed our tests and work well with popular web browsers: FireFox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Netscape on both Windows and Linux platforms. We use Unicode [UTF-8] to encode the text in these pages. We meet some issues on old flatforms (Windows 98, Red Hat 7, etc.)

  1. If your browser does not display the Vietnamese text correctly, please manually enable the UTF-8 encoding by using the menu /View/Encoding if your browser is Internet Explorer, or /View/Character_Encoding of your browser is FireFox.
  2. If your browser still does not display the Vietnamese text correctly, then you need to check the font setting. Please switch to Unicode fonts (generally “Times New Roman”) by using the menu /Tools/Options if your browser is Internet Explorer or /Edit/Preferences or /Tools/Options if your browser is FireFox.
  3. In most of the cases the Vietnamese text on this pages should be displayed correctly.
  4. Otherwise it is a big chance that your font (Times New Roman) does not support Unicode UTF-8. It happens only to older Windows platform (Windows 98 or older). Windows 98se, Windows ME, Windows 2000 or Windows XP has Unicode UTF-8 fonts as a standard features. Now you need to download the program unicode.exe to install the font.

Wish you study the Fa well!

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